The 360° Tour | How it Works:

  • Click inside any hotspot dot (white circle) in the below model to begin your tour.

  • Use your cursor or finger (if viewing on phone) to navigate left or right while inside any space.

  • Click on any room label to jump to the next available 360° view.

  • For quicker navigation, jump to desired hotspot dots from the slide out map in the top left corner of the screen.

... Prefer to view fullscreen? | No problem, just → Click Here.

NOTE: This 360° build and corresponding video was created for visualization purposes onlyto show design and level of finish intent possible at Lenox Park. Existing conditions do not reflect rendered animation. All design/build details and specifics are subject to lease negotiation.

For more information, contact the leasing team: CBRERon Kastner.

Explore the sample design/VR build in more detail

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